Question 5/12: it's naive to believe get expertise..

Points of views and questions about the OLPC project. What should it be? How could it be better? Where is it needed most? Ask your questions here and let your opinion be known.

Question 5/12: it's naive to believe get expertise..

Postby designo » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:34 pm

Hi, I make a presentation about OLPC, mesh-network and philosophie. After this, the interest people will have a lot of question. Do you can make little review from all this (theoretical) answer and questions? It would be great. Don't forget write source link.

Question 5/12: This is absolutely stupied idea that every child worldwide will have own computer. I find it's naive to believe, that the children get knowledge himself and get expertise in new media himself.
Answer 5/12: ___ (source: __)

Thanks in advanced. Kind regard, designo
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