thesis and survey questsionaire

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thesis and survey questsionaire

Postby roamans » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:41 pm

My name is Carol Roam and I am a graduate student working on my Master’s Education in Instructional Technology at Drury University (Springfield, Missouri). My thesis is on the feasibility of one-to-one laptops in U.S. elementary schools. My premise is that we can learn much from the successes (and failures, pitfalls, etc.) that have occurred with the OLPC in countries around the world. I am hoping to put together a survey questionnaire to make available to anyone directly associated with the OLPC program. The survey would ask questions about successes in general as well as pedagogy issues, teacher training, funding and maintenance issues. I am not sure what channels I need to pursue to get this accomplished. If anyone could give me input I would appreciate it. I can send anyone interested a copy of my first three chapters which is basically an intro, review of literature and outline of the method to be used.
Thanks for your help in advance!!


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