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Pilot Project

PostPosted: Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:20 am
by yazeed
Hey all,

My name is yazeed, i'm a member in xo community of palestine (Palexo), and we are planning to start a pilot project in some schools in west bank where Xo laptops are given to children. The mean purpose of such project is to get the feedback about our work and to evaluate the whole process.
We need to know how to evaluate the process, what questions should be asked, how frequent, etc... We need an evaluation system that addresses children, teachers, and parents. We believe such a system is hard to build from scratch.
Therefore we need to know what other XO teams have done regarding this part, and whether they have something ready to be used, that we can benefit from.
i like to hear your opinions and learn from your knowledge, here's my email :

Best Wishes,