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Question to the design team - what do you need?

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 3:07 pm
by AegisXLII
To the design team:

I'm a computer engineering student, and I believe that I would like to get involved in OLPC (or something similar pertaining to distributing technology to the developing world) in the future. I think I really benefitted from being able to talk with and learn from people all over the world as a youth on my computer/the internet. But as I got older, I realized there are whole parts of the world that haven't been touched by the interconnectedness and opportunities that computer technology can bring us. This should be fixed.

So now I've reached the stage in my studies where I'm doing summer research programs and considering applying to graduate school to study more. I want to study something that can be applied to OLPC and similar projects down the road. So my question is - what do you guys need? I'm interested to hear about everything, but I'm thinking I might like to focus on hardware/computer achitecture. I've been reading up on computer architecture techniques for power efficiency. Additionally I'll be researching technology and infrastructure for emerging regions at UC Berkeley this summer, maybe doing some power management work. But these are just my stabs in the dark. It'd be great to hear what R&D and improvements are needed straight from the horses mouth.'

Thanks a lot.