Availability of the XO 1.5

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Availability of the XO 1.5

Postby sola » Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:33 pm

The XO 1.5 is now strong enough to be used as a versatile netbook/ebook reader for both students and adults.

With the upcoming new OS release both the XO and XO-1.5 will be able to run both Sugar and Gnome so the XO-1.5 will be absolutely usable as a netbook/ebook reader for adults.

Would be nice to know if OLPC is planning to make them widely available as was planned for the XO-2.

I just hope OLPC never tries a G1G1 again. The last one was an utter failure and there is no hope a new G1G1 would succeed.

At olpcnews forums, everybody agrees that the ideal distribution model would be public sales with some markup which is considered as donation for OLPCs projects and further developments. The XO-1.5 would be successful at USD250 (including the markup). If the production price is now 150 (180 was the XO-1), then 100 for donation and other costs should be enough to sell the XO publicly. Sales activity can be delegated to other organization(s) if OLPC doesn't want to deal with it.

It would be a huge boon for everybody, including educational efforts. It is laughable that OLPC like education programs are now done with Intel Classmates here in Hungary just because they couldn't get XO from OLPC.

OLPC of course can try to fix million unit sales with educational ministries, just make sure that doesn't hurt public sales/distribution.

Also, there should be a project for retrofiting XO-1 units with the baseboard of the XO-1.5.
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