organisation, presentation, etc

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organisation, presentation, etc

Postby djhbrown » Sun Aug 05, 2012 2:57 am

i've given up trying to find out, from the myriad labyrinths of oplc, the answer to my question, so i am asking it here in the hope that someone who knows will reply:

my question is this: who makes the important decisions about oplc and the xo - ie, its overall strategy, its design principles, and its presentation to the rest of the world. i know its was originally Negroponte's brainchild, for which he is to be warmly congratulated, but who is pulling the strings now? is there a board of governers? an executive committee? if not, why not? who decided not? why?

answers such as "its a grassroots community with no hierarchical structure" are not solicited. someone decided who should manufacture the xo; someone else decided not to release it to the general public. someone pulled the plug on the g1g1 initiative, etc

xo has the potential to service the needs of ALL children, not just the disadvantaged (and not just children - the elderly could benefit too) - if it were sold on the open market, the profits from that enterprise would change the current "success rate" of 2.4 million underprivileged users to 2.4 billion.
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