[Olpc-open] Suggestion for Terms of Use for content

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[Olpc-open] Suggestion for Terms of Use for content

Postby BryanBerry » Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:32 am

I immensely admire the Scratch website as a space for collaboration for
kids and adults. I suggest OLPC seriously consider adopting these same
terms of use for the wiki and other official OLPC sites.

Scratch Terms of Use http://scratch.mit.edu/terms

As part of the Scratch community, you are sharing projects and ideas
with people:
• from many different countries and cultures
• of all ages (from young children to teens and grandparents)
• with all levels of experience

We need your help to make this community a supportive place for every
member. Here's how you can help:

Be respectful. When sharing projects, remember that people of many
different ages and backgrounds will see your creations.

Offer constructive comments. Instead of just criticizing a project, say
what you like about it and offer suggestions on how to make it better.

Give credit. Feel free to make modified versions of other people's
projects - just make sure to give them credit. One place to give credit
is in your Project Notes.

Help keep the site safe. If you feel others would find a project mean,
insulting, too violent, or otherwise inappropriate, click the link from
that page: "Flag as inappropriate." (The Scratch team will review, and
may remove any project or comments.)


I think it would be great for OLPC to put together a team to
periodically review content tagged as inappropriate. This group should
include teachers and women (who could be teachers :) not be solely
composed of male software developers or pseudo-developers like myself.

Perhaps it would be good to set up a site like http://www.xohacker.org where
people could post their free clones of Grand Theft Auto or Leisure Suit
Larry. This would give people the freedom to do what they want and
maintain a safe environment for kids w/in the OLPC activities pages.
Frankly, I myself like violent games but I respect that they bother a
lot of people, particularly teachers and parents I work w/.

I will try to contact John Maloney of the Scratch team and find out what
particular procedures they have for reviewing content.

BTW, I really like ScratchR community site and think it is a great
option for hosting the activities.

Bryan W. Berry
External Relations Manager
OLE Nepal, http://www.olenepal.org

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[Olpc-open] Suggestion for Terms of Use for content

Postby isforinsects » Sat Jan 19, 2008 9:51 pm

While the wiki is the best structure I can think of for organizing content. We don't have much in the way of content (yet), nor really the groups of content creators in place (yet).

Content getting uploaded to the wiki doesn't mean that it becomes outward facing nor a part of a content bundle. The volunteer editors that will be collecting these materials from uploads to the wiki (but mostly from other projects like Librivox and Flickr) will be the ones in control of creating said packages. Among those editors, and in the structure of final content approval, should be moderators.

Ultimately the distribution countries will likely be the ones that decide what ends up on school servers and what doesn't.
This relates to the Doom conversation I suppose. While the Wiki is currently the dropbox for all OLPC, I don't really see it as a recommended distribution mechanism to target countries. But I don't know what the process is going to be for adding content to the school server?

What we can do right now is draw up a set of guidelines for what the education system in Nepal would consider reasonable. I'm working on putting together a collection of Creative Commons licensed images from Flickr (and wiki-commons) that I would love to have input on, and I would be happy to draft up guidelines with you.


On Jan 19, 2008 4:32 AM, Bryan Berry <bryan.berry@gmail.com (bryan.berry@gmail.com)> wrote:
[quote] I immensely admire the Scratch website as a space for collaboration for
kids and adults. I suggest OLPC seriously consider adopting these same
terms of use for the wiki and other official OLPC sites.

Scratch Terms of Use http://scratch.mit.edu/terms

As part of the Scratch community, you are sharing projects and ideas
with people:
Support Team
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[Olpc-open] [OLPC library] Suggestion for Terms of Use for c

Postby Edward Cherlin » Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:59 am

On Jan 19, 2008 7:32 PM, Seth Woodworth <seth@isforinsects.com> wrote:
We need a system to categorize our data like in your links Carol, and I
agree that the current state of the wiki is pretty bad. But if you look at
projects like Wiki-Commons, or free-reading, a wiki *can* be a lot better
organized. We just don't have enough dedicated and informed people to fix
the wiki. Information doesn't spread well yet.

One of the problems I see is that OLPC has not hired the staff of
technical writers proposed in the autumn. Tradition holds that this is
because geeks don't believe in documentation, ;-> as witness man
pages, %-[ but it is clear that there are other reasons for the
disarray at OLPC more generally. (I also hear, indirectly, that there
are people at MIT's Sloan School of Management who would like to help,
but somehow feel that they must be asked first. I don't know how true
that is, but asking couldn't hurt.) The position of Documentation Lead
has been on the Job page for months, but nobody has been hired, and in
fact Kim Quirk told me that a decision had been made not to hire any
tech writers at that time.

More volunteers would help. A way for the volunteers to get organized
would help. Is there an official Volunteer Coordinator (aka
Cat-Herder-in-Chief)? I assume not. It wouldn't have to be a paid
position, to start, although I think that OLPC has been foolish in not
hiring more organizers, and people for a number of other functions.

Even a place to sign up, with some indication of the greatest felt
needs, would help. The first step would be to restructure the
Volunteering page, and having somebody volunteer to keep it current.
We need to discuss what else exists and what information sources there
are before we can have a proper idea of how this page should be

We have volunteers for

* Development, with repository and bug tracking
* Localization, with Pootle
* Documentation ??
* Wiki reorganization ??
* Content librarianship ?? Needs matrix organization by document and
language, at least, with license management.

I don't know whether anybody is doing

* Legal ?? There are innumerable restrictions on what can be published
in various countries, with religion and politics being two of the top
restricted categories. Somebody has to go over these requirements with
experts from the ministries concerned. Also we need a
country-by-country analysis of import laws that would affect the
laptop and its contents and accessories, and government contracting
and purchasing laws and regulations. (My father used to do this sort
of thing for getting insurance policies approved in 50 states by 50
different Insurance Commissioners.) What are the differences between
Common Law countries and Napoleonic Code countries? What other systems
are used in multiple countries? What treaties and treaty organizations
affect these issues?
* Recruiting ?? There is no shortage of people with the skills we
need, and many of them have the available time and inclination. We
need to reach out to them.
* Country tracking ??? None of this is on the Wiki, except in a
conjectural state. Somebody needs to monitor the state of negotiations
with each prospect country, and provide guidance to the volunteers on
languages to target for localization and a number of other matters.

Some kinds of information need to be in a repository or database, not
just a Wiki, where organization has to be created and maintained

What else?

Well, Earth Treasury is separately recruiting artists, musicians,
sound engineers, filmmakers, linguists, and others to aid the children
in recording their heritages and publishing them to the world. Also
people in business, and every adjunct profession, to help the children
go into business together. And other things. None of that is within
the OLPC mission. Should it be?

Oh, and the children need to have a place to connect around the world.

On Jan 19, 2008 6:04 PM, Carol Lerche <cafl@msbit.com> wrote:

Seth, sorry for sending this once to you and then to the list. On
reflection I felt it should go to the list as well.

Truly the wiki is NOT the best way to organize content such as the
activities page.
Yes, the countries will be the arbiters of taste as to what is shipped on
each of their xo's but what about the next step?
Here are examples of completely different way to organize this type of
content (not very beautiful but quite a lot more functional than just a




I think we need a search by age/grade level, subject matter, localization,
countries using, minimum build requirement, maturity/bugginess, tag (where
an app could have multiple tags that were optional and possibly pejorative!)

The current activity page is pretty hard to use -- in the computer
science/database world I think we could term it a "heap".


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Library mailing list

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Re: [Olpc-open] Suggestion for Terms of Use for content

Postby JohnM » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:24 pm

Hi, Brian.

I'm glad you like our Terms of Use. We'd be happy to share our experience with the Scratch community with you. Feel free to email me (via the email on "Scratch" page on the OLPC Wiki) or use the contact form on the Scratch website (http://scratch.mit.edu/contact/us).

-- John

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