running LaTeX

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running LaTeX

Postby bgaesop » Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:23 pm

I installed LyX using these instructions. I can get xpdf to run by accessing the terminal and typing "xpdf" but I can't get LyX to open. Specifically, I keep getting

bash: lyx: command not found

All I'm doing is typing "lyx" (or variations) and hitting enter, and I keep getting back that same message. To open xpdf I've been typing "xpdf" and that does it.

Besides all that, I've never used LyX before, I'm used to WinEdt. I installed it before I was fully familiar with it because I assumed it was just a basic latex editor, but after a bit more googling it sounds like it's a weaker, non direct writing program (sorry for my lack of proper vocabulary, I have basically no programming experience). How would I go about uninstalling LyX and getting a more normal LaTeX editor going? All I really want is something that can let me write papers and compile pdfs, colored syntax would be nice but isn't super necessary.

I did a search for this, the thread seems to be about doing this on an old build, hopefully whatever errors were there aren't anymore. I'm using a generation one XO (I'm pretty sure but not positive) and I updated the os last night to 8.2.1.

Any help would definitely be appreciated. There's a reason I'm a math major and not comp sci!
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Re: running LaTeX

Postby ncarrol » Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:34 am

"command not found" generally means path not known. Try the full path with the command (example: /somedirectory/lyx) or form links.
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