sharing a recording

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sharing a recording

Postby Kids Go Wild » Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:36 pm

How to I share a recording either audio, video or a photo?
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Re: sharing a recording

Postby ncarrol » Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:55 pm

I assume you are asking about how to use the Record Activity.

One XO starts the Record Activity. Select the Activity Tab and change the "Share with" to Neighborhood (top of display). The Record Activity icon will appear in the Neighborhood view of both XO's. The second XO clicks on the Record Activity icon to start the Record Activity on this second XO (do not start the Record Activity in the normal way -- from the home page -- on this second XO).

Now as an example: one XO changes to the Photo Tab and takes a picture by pressing the "O" key on the Game keys (below right speaker). A thumbnail picture will appear at the bottom of the display on both XO's. Either XO can click on the picture to see a full view.

Remember that you can share text with the Write Activity, music with the TamTam, Memory flashcards (having text, photo, and short audio), and Internet pages by "bookmarking" a page in Browse Activity. You can play Maze across two XO's. You can do all of this over the Internet if the two XO's are set to the same "Mesh server" (Contol Panel > Network> fill in Mesh server). It functions the same way as two XO's setting next to each other.

You can upload and download to picture sites such a Flickr.

You can upload and download Memory Flashcards from .

All this with just the standard Activities. Other Activities open the door to much more.

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