Add icon and de-neuter Write

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Add icon and de-neuter Write

Postby jgehman » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:55 pm

I just upgraded from build 656 to 8.2.1. Looks a LOT nicer. However, I'm having issues with the only two programs I use... Opera and Write.

I finally got Opera installed after failing four or five times...however, there's no icon for Opera on the menu. How do I add one? (I have to type "Opera" in Terminal.)

Three years ago when I first got the OLPC someone told me a line of code to type into the Terminal to de-neuter Write. (I understand that the full version of Write is installed, it's just that there's a simplified GUI sitting on top of it.) After typing this code into Terminal, ever after I only had to enter Write, then hit Ctrl-N, and the full version would pop up. Anyone know the code?

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